Wednesday, May 26, 2010

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For guests, it can be difficult to determine what to wear to a back yard wedding. The most popular choice that can be worn to a back yard wedding is a semi-formal dress that can be chosen in a variety of fabrics. For most back yard weddings, guests prefer to wear short dresses in a variety of patterns.

Although patterned dresses are popular – these popular patterns change from season to season and therefore colored and solid dresses are therefore preferred as they can be accessorized to change from season to season. Colored and solid dresses are a great way to add to the wardrobe and allow you to easily find ways to dress for special occasions, without having to make a special trip to the mall.

Get this adorable dress from Nordstrom.

Considering that most back yard weddings are held through the summer months, most of the styles of the dresses that are being worn through the summer weddings are those that are sleeveless. Shorter or tea length dresses are often to these occasions, as they are made for warmer weather. Through the warm weather seasons, these dresses can be easily
worn for daytime weddings in back yards, as well as worn through the evening receptions that follow these occasions.

And don't forget about your shoes. It is probably best that you wear flats since you will not be walking a floor though out the day.

You can find these cute flats at ShoeWaWa.

Are you looking for something to wear to a casual and back yard wedding? Consider looking for a dress that you have within the wardrobe and updating the appearance of the dress with the use of accessories and shoes.

Thank you to DressTutor for the tip!

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