Wednesday, October 27, 2010

You Might Be A Wedding Planner if.... \ Toledo Wedding Planner \ Perrysburg Wedding Planner

Here are a few things you may find yourself doing after being in the wedding planning business for a few years!

... you're 3-year old's Hanna Montana birthday party had a seating arrangement & place cards.
... you take notes while watching Bridezillas.
... it takes you 2 weeks and four vendors to plan dinner.
... you throw rice at graduations.
... you fight the urge to bustle every gown you see.
... you've memorized
other peoples vows.
... you insist Thanksgiving begin with a rehearsal dinner.
... you can recite wedding stats by memory.
... when you go grocery shopping, you request an estimate.
... you know the floorplan of every venue within a 50 mile radius.
... your to-do-lists are in calligraphy.
... you've finalized vendors for your kid's PTA school carnival.
... your brunches include a dessert bar.
... your last Easter dinner was more extravagant than most weddings.
... you can fix ANYTHING with two-way tape, bobby pins and lip gloss.
... you ask yourself "What Would Martha Do?"
... you have an emergency stack of linens in your trunk.
... during family vacations, you constantly "cue" your kids for pics.
... your day planner is a guestbook.
... you can tie a chair sash ribbon in 3 seconds, blindfolded.
... your work desk has a centerpiece.
... you've altered a dress with a toothpick and dental floss.
... you've paid a wedding DJ not to play the "Chicken Dance"
... every time you exit church, you imagine sparklers and balloon send-offs.
... you send your dentist a save-the-date to confirm your appointment.
... you've dressed your daughter as a flower girl, just for fun.
... you can no longer digest fondant icing.
... you always show up 2 hours early, just to make sure things are "set"
... you can spot a single missing sequin bead, from 20 yards away.
... you brag about your WeddingWire ratings.
... you've seen more women cry than The Bachelor.
... you've brainstormed & outlined the timing for your son's slumber party.
... when in a pet store, you resist the urge to throw birdseed.
... you carry
other peoples budget spreadsheets in your purse.
... you know during the bouquet throw is the best time to sneak a drink of wine
... you know the exact number of votives that can fit on a 72" buffet table
... you've inhaled bubbles.

Thank you to Rachel at Austin Wedding Blog.

Your Perfect Day....because you deserve it!

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