Saturday, October 8, 2011

Alternative to Unity Candle Part 2 | Toledo Wedding Planner | Your Perfect Day | Perryburg Wedding Planner

The Sand Ceremony

The mixing of sand symbolizes the bond between the husband and wife that can never be undone. In this ceremony, the two pour their individual color into a single vessel, mixing the sands into a completely new picture. After the wedding, the vessel can be set in the home as a reminder of their very special commitment. This can also be accomplished with the mixing of wine, colored water or rose petals.


The Tree Ceremony

This unity ceremony is great for outdoor weddings. It combines romance and nature in a simplistic way. The newlyweds water their tree (not yet planted) while their parents toss dirt into the hole where the tree will go as a way of welcoming them to the family. This fresh alternative to the candle ceremony is great way to express your commitment and watch it grow throughout your marriage.


The Handfasting Ceremony

The handfasting ceremony is an ancient Celtic tradition symbolizing the joining of two people in marriage. There are many versions of this gesture illustrating the union of husband and wife.


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