Monday, November 28, 2011

Wedding Coordinator vs Venue Coordinator | Perrysburg Wedding Planner | Your Perfect Day | Toledo Wedding Planner

We found this post from one of our favorite place for wedding ideas/advice and had to share it with all of you. We do here this a lot from brides we meet and we never knew how to "nicely" describe the difference between us and a venue coordinator. Every Last Detail did it perfectly!

I’ve heard it several times- “Oh the venue coordinator will handle everything, I don’t need a wedding planner/coordinator.” What most brides don’t know is that the venue coordinator is just there for the VENUE, not you. (Nothing against venue coordinators- I love them and they’ve helped me out a lot!) And so, since I’m kind of the person who says things about planning weddings that not many other bloggers will….

- A venue coordinator is looking out for the best interest of the venue. A wedding coordinator looks out for the best interest of YOU, the bride. The venue coordinator deals with everything having to do with the venue- food, setup, etc. A wedding coordinator will deal with aspects of the venue, such as setup, and will make sure everything is to your specifications.

- If your ceremony is at a location other than the venue, your wedding coordinator will be there with you. A venue coordinator will not be at that offsite ceremony. If the ceremony is at the venue, the venue coordinator will be there to help with the coordination of the ceremony.

- A wedding coordinator stays by your side throughout the day and night. They are there to tell you when things will be occurring throughout the night, such as the cake cutting, bouquet toss, toasts, etc. I personally stay until the very end of the wedding, until all of the guests are gone. A venue coordinator stays until the meal is served, and the majority of the time, leaves after. Some may stay until the cake is cut and served. He or she will not be by your side throughout the day or night. Although the venue coordinator will do their best to keep you happy, he or she likely will not be involved if the best man hates your cousin and they are sitting near each other or if your bustle breaks.

- A wedding coordinator contacts your venues before your wedding to make sure everyone is confirmed and knows what time they will be arriving. A venue coordinator may only contact vendors that have to do with setup of the reception, not others, like your photographer or hair/makeup.

- Venues are known to have a high turnover rate among the coordinator/sales positions. The person that you book your wedding with may or may not still be there when it comes time for your wedding a year, year and a half later. Your wedding coordinator is hired by YOU, hand selected by YOU, and won’t be going anywhere (unless, God forbid, something horrible happens!).

These are just a few things to inspire some thinking- food for thought. This is in no way meant to be bad towards venue coordinators. As I said before, I LOVE venue coordinators- it’s always awesome to work with them! I just want my readers to be aware of the differences between the two.

Thank you to ELD for this article! We hope everyone enjoyed it and now understands the difference.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gorgeous wedding bouquets | Toledo Wedding Planner | Your Perfect Day | Perrysburg Wedding Planner

Yesterday was the last wedding of the year for us.....well, at least as a wedding coordinator. And what an amazing couple we got to work with! We can not wait to see the gorgeous pictures from the professionals!

Unfortunately, we had a bit of an issue with the florist yesterday (it was not anyone that we have or ever will recommend). After the bride saw everything and informed us that she was not happy with her bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets and her centerpieces, Your Perfect Day stepped up to the plate and fixed them. We went to a trusted florist and had the bouquets fixed (and we only had 1 1/2 hours to fix it before the wedding was to start). Then, we took some of our own decorations and fixed the centerpieces. The bride, her bridesmaids and the mother of the bride were very happy with the final results of the bouquets and centerpieces. This is just one more reason to consider having a wedding coordinator present at your wedding and to ask us for trusted vendor recommendations. We offer a FREE meeting for vendor recommendations and any advice you want/need.

Now, on to some fun wedding finds:

We were checking out some of our favorite blogs this evening
and found these gorgeous bouquets.
Of course, we had to share with all of you!

This bouquet is made of succulents, gloriosa lilies, and fiddlehead fern.

This boquet is made of circus roses, gloriosa lilies, astilbe, ranunculus, anemones, tillandsia, blackberries, and sheet music.

This bouquet is made of black radishes, chamomile, sweet peas, oregano, nasturtiums, laurel, and huckleberry, raspberry, and olive branches.

This bouquet is made of free Spirit roses, Babe spray roses, ranunculus, veronica, dusty miller, thistle, coral, and shells.

This bouquet is made of vanda orchids, muscari, and lemon button fern.

This bouquet is made of cymbidium orchids, Vendela roses, calla lilies, blackberries, and Magnetic Poetry.

This bouquet is made of Yves Piaget roses, anemones, ranunculus, calla lilies, and partridge feathers.

This bouquet is made of Mocha roses, Milva roses, hypericum berries, blackberries, and buttons.

If you want any of these gorgeous bouquets for your wedding, our favorite florist, Enchanting Flowers can create them for you!

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Wedding Reception Exit Strategies | Perrysburg Wedding Planner | Your Perfect Day | Toledo Wedding Planner

We love when our brides ask us for ideas on how to exit their wedding and/or reception! Here are our top 10 ways to impress your guests....and get some great photos!

1. Show off your cool style on a motorcycle!

2. Eco-friendly couples can drive off in a Smart car!

3. Get a good look at your party as you float away in a hot air balloon!

4. Wave farewell from the back of an old-fashioned trolley car!

5. Petal away on a bicycle!

6. Grab a lift over the greens in a golf course with some flowers and a sign!

7. Leave in high style aboard a helicopter!

8. Stay true to your metro roots by jumping in the back seat of a taxi cab!

9. Sail into the sunset on a catamaran!

10. Zoom way on a Vespa!

Thank you to The Knot magazine for these great ideas!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter Wedding Centerpieces | Perrysburg Wedding Planner | Your Perfect Day | Toledo Wedding Planner

Holiday Inspired

Often times winter weddings incorporate holiday themes and warm colors in the cold season. Here are a few ideas for your holiday inspired wedding centerpieces.