Monday, May 31, 2010

Something Blue for your wedding | Perrysburg Wedding Planner

Here are 10 great ideas for how to incorporate your
“Something Blue” into your wedding day.

1. Rings. I found this gorgeous blue topaz ring on Etsy.

Blue Topaz Ring by Mastergoldcraft

2. Big Flowers. I was surfing the web for all things French inspired and found this Etsy shop called A la Parisienne (in the Parisian way). This brooch would be great to add on a dress or clutch.

Beach Ballad Brooch by A la Parisienne

3. Necklaces. I love the jewelry by Marlo Noel, also on Etsy. It’s just simple and stunning.

Marlo Noel – Anna V Necklace

4. Garters. My Twitter friend Julianne Smith makes the most amazing garters, and she is The Garter Girl. She recently relaunched her shop. Check it out!

The Garter Girl – style 250

5. Fascinators or Headbands. These get more popular every day and my friend Lisa Raser of Ink and Button makes them all by hand! And stay tuned, I’ll be hosting a giveaway for one of these sweet hair accoutrements!

Ink and Button – The Merryweather Headband

6. Shoes. Colored shoes make a statement! Add some color to your wedding through bright, colorful shoes.

Blue Christian Louboutins (found here)

7. Ribbon: Have your florist put a blue ribbon around the base of your bouquet.

8. Under garments: Your something blue can be something that is more personal.

9. Rhinestones: Use blue jewels to add your initials to the bottom of your shoes!

10. Ties. Don’t forget the guys! Who said the “Something Blue” had to come from the bride? Why not deck out the groom and his men with some killer ties?

Tuxandtulle – Custom ties for the guys

Friday, May 28, 2010

Myths about Wedding Planners | Perrysburg Wedding Planner

I wanted to repost this from Your Wedding Day. Being in this wedding industry, there are lots of questions I hear all the time. I wanted to clear the air about what a wedding planner or wedding coordinator does and does NOT do.

MYTH: A professional event coordinator takes care of everything automatically.

Reality: “Everything” is too broad of a term with too many possible interpretations. Generally, an experienced event coordinator will offer a series of consultation options. This spectrum of services range from a simple hourly consultation, to “day of” only coordination, all the way to management of every single detail of the event from beginning to end. The bride should always discuss expectations up front and agree to a contract detailing the coordinator’s duties and responsibilities. Any duty not stated in the contract should not be presumed to be the coordinator’s responsibility.
Perhaps the greatest misunderstanding is that the coordinator picks up the actual tasks of the vendors who do not do their job on the day of the wedding. The coordinator’s job is to coordinate the overall event and move it forward according to the bride’s wishes. If a coordinator is tied up doing the actual job of another vendor, unnecessary chaos could break out in another area of the event and no one would be there to manage it. Bottom-line: discuss expectations and get them in writing up front.

MYTH: A professional event coordinator pays the vendors directly on behalf of the client.

Reality: With the exception of very large corporations who have a very specific contract with the client, event coordinators do not (and should not) pay vendors on behalf of the client. It would be unwise and ethically questionable and it would put both the coordinator and the client at great risk. For example, a bride might be dissatisfied with a vendor’s performance and take legal action against the coordinator. Conversely, a coordinator might not perform properly or fail to pay the vendor who might take action against the clients. The potential for a messy situation is huge.
A truly seasoned planner will be intimately involved with helping the client solicit bids from the most suitable vendors, helping manage the budget, reviewing vendor contracts and performance, and ensuring that schedules of delivery and payments are respected according to the contracts.

MYTH: Coordinators ask their suppliers to reduce their prices for their clients.

Reality: A top-notch professional event coordinator knows that maintaining excellent working relationships with their precious vendors and suppliers is paramount for the success of their events. Consequently, a good coordinator will never ask suppliers to reduce their prices to suit the client’s budgets; rather, the coordinator will select the vendors who are the most suitable to the clients’ taste and budget.

Coordinators receive kickbacks from vendors.

Reality: A professional event coordinator’s primary duty is to the bride, period. Accepting kickbacks from a vendor would not benefit the client first and foremost. Therefore professional event coordinators and planners with integrity do not accept kickbacks from their vendors. They award the job to the vendor who will most ably serve the client.

My DJ and caterer both said they offer “coordination” and can save me money so I don’t have to hire a professional coordinator.

Reality: A professional DJ is crucial to the success of a wedding day. The ability to be the MC, help with the transitions, and set the tone for the guests is paramount. Likewise, a professional caterer’s job is to oversee the coordination of ordering and setting up rentals and linens, ensure proper serving etiquette and proper staffing-to-guest ratio, and produce a flawless meal with impeccable service and timing. Both of these professions offer elements of coordination, but in no way cover the multitudinous aspects of professional event coordination.
A professional event coordinator, even for “day of” services, generally offers extensive pre-event communication, preparation and logistical planning with all event suppliers; reviews all contributing vendors’ contracts; provides valuable feedback on these contracts to ensure that nothing is overlooked; takes steps to make sure all vendors’ contracted requirements are kept; works closely with all vendors and the bridal couple to design a comprehensive “day of” timeline; keeps all suppliers updated with any changes to this timeline pre-event and “day of”; helps clients with table and seating assignments, alphabetizing guest lists; orchestrates the wedding rehearsal with proper etiquette; manages and implements the wedding day timeline, guiding the bridal couple and their families through all the transitions; oversees proper transfer of wedding gifts, and much more.
Event coordinators have a full working knowledge of minimum standards in each vendor’s profession and they know what is acceptable and what is not; and because they are not tied to one particular service, they have the ability to ensure the overall success of the wedding day.
Just as an orchestra conductor has the master musical piece and is able to maintain and direct all the key components which make up the masterpiece, the wedding coordinator’s job is to ensure perfect harmony between the various segments of the event in order to create a masterpiece—your wedding day.

These are just a few questions I have been asked from some of my clients. I am sure there are more myths, so feel free to ask me & I will be sure to give you the correct answer.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

W2WW | Backyard Wedding | What to Wear Wednesday | Perrysburg Wedding Planner|

For guests, it can be difficult to determine what to wear to a back yard wedding. The most popular choice that can be worn to a back yard wedding is a semi-formal dress that can be chosen in a variety of fabrics. For most back yard weddings, guests prefer to wear short dresses in a variety of patterns.

Although patterned dresses are popular – these popular patterns change from season to season and therefore colored and solid dresses are therefore preferred as they can be accessorized to change from season to season. Colored and solid dresses are a great way to add to the wardrobe and allow you to easily find ways to dress for special occasions, without having to make a special trip to the mall.

Get this adorable dress from Nordstrom.

Considering that most back yard weddings are held through the summer months, most of the styles of the dresses that are being worn through the summer weddings are those that are sleeveless. Shorter or tea length dresses are often to these occasions, as they are made for warmer weather. Through the warm weather seasons, these dresses can be easily
worn for daytime weddings in back yards, as well as worn through the evening receptions that follow these occasions.

And don't forget about your shoes. It is probably best that you wear flats since you will not be walking a floor though out the day.

You can find these cute flats at ShoeWaWa.

Are you looking for something to wear to a casual and back yard wedding? Consider looking for a dress that you have within the wardrobe and updating the appearance of the dress with the use of accessories and shoes.

Thank you to DressTutor for the tip!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Something-Other-Than-Paper Table Numbers | Perrysburg Wedding Planner

Lots of our clients are doing table numbers for their reception
and the question is "what is a unique way to display our table numbers?"

Here are a few ideas we have come up with:

Incorporate your table number into your centerpiece.
Purchase wooden numbers, paint them and
place them in your DIY centerpiece or flower arrangement.

Always wondered what to do with those empty wine bottles?
Well, peel the label off, stick on a number
and tie a ribbon around the top!

For a beach theme, you can fill empty mason jars with sand
(for an extra creative touch, color the sand) and stencil on a number.
Cover the top of the jar with a colorful fabric or ribbon!

For some extra light, get a tall shot glass
& have it engraved with numbers.

For all you teachers, show off your
table numbers on a chalk board!

I know this is suppose to be table number
not on paper but I LOVE this idea.
Buy Printable Ink jet Vellum and print your table numbers on it.
Then tape the two ends together and put a tea light inside it!

Thank you to Crafty Brides for some of the fabulous ideas!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

W2WW - What to wear to a beach wedding

One of my biggest pet peeves at weddings is guests who drastically under dress.

While you might think the bride and groom will be too wrapped up in their own day to notice
your outfit, just remember, a picture speaks a thousand words—and there are tons of pictures at weddings. So, take my word for it: backyard weddings, brunch weddings, barn weddings, these happy occasions do not translate to clothes otherwise reserved for any given Sunday. And finally, if the invitation says beach wedding, here's what to wear...

Get this dress from dELiAs

Start with a pretty floral dress. You can get a nice one for as cheap as $10 on sale at a discount store or as much as many hundreds of dollars. Flower prints suit the setting of a beach wedding, and dress up even a basic sundress silhouette. The more upscale you want to look, the fancier the fabric should be, with simple cotton being the most casual and satin and shinier materials being the dressiest.

Next, be practical but not tacky about your footwear. This means absolutely no rubber flip flops (sorry, people—save those for 12 midnight when you've kicked off your dancing shoes). But by all means do choose a flat shoe. You don't want to be that guest tramping through the sand in your too high, too expensive stilettos. Try a pretty leather sandal—just give yourself a pedicure before stepping out. Here are some cute shoe ideas that would work for a beach wedding:

Get these sandals from Endless

Finally, remember, it can get breezy even at beach weddings, so don't forget a bright color pashmina, wrap.

Whatever you wear to your next beach wedding, I entreat you not to be the one who taints the wedding photos in your khaki shorts and tank top. I promise you, the bride and groom will notice—and they'll remember.

Thank you to Glamour for the fabulous tips on what to wear to a beach wedding!

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Unique escort cards | Perrysburg wedding planner

Looking for a different take on escort cards?

Instead of arranging the classic tent variety on a table,
try one of these display options.

- arranged on a cork or magnetic board or on a old window shutter
- positioned in a tray of dry legumes, such as orange lentils or green peas
- hanging from ribbons that have been tied to a tree branch
- set is a dish of jelly beans or hard candy

- write the names on smooth rocks
- pinned to lemons, limes or tangerines or tiny pumpkins or gourds
- standing in a clear tray of colored sand

- clipped with miniature clothespins to a length of twine or ribbon

- slotted into individual wine corks

Thank you to Brides magazine for the article.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Unique Save-The-Date Ideas

Save the Date announcements are the first chance you have to set the tone for your wedding. So, create a fun save the date. Here are some ideas for a twist on the common card—and unique ways to send a bit of your personality along with the postmark.

  • Photo Strip– A picture can say a thousand words-or maybe just the ten or so that you need everyone to know in advance of your wedding. Take a series of photos in a photo booth, holding paper signs announcing your engagement, the date, and the location. Make it stick by printing your photos on stylish photo magnet save-the-dates. Don't forget to kiss in the shot!

  • Eat dessert firstPersonalized cookies can be a great way to save-the-date. Customize with your names and the date of your wedding. You'd just better hope that the cookie doesn't “disappear” before they've marked down the date!
  • Love is in bloom – For a wedding next Spring, consider sending a personalized plantable seed card. By the time the flower bloom, it will be time to celebrate!
  • It's in the cards – Send your invitees a deck of playing cards for your Vegas-themed wedding. Adding personalized poker chips with your names and wedding date makes for a fun personal touch.
  • Tune them in – Send your save the date in the form of a CD. You might want to include a selection of songs that have personal meaning to you both or record the story of your engagement onto the CD. Be sure to include your names, along with the date and location of your nuptials on the cover.
  • Mark my spot – Bookmarks with all the necessary save the date details can be made easily (and inexpensively) on a laser printer. After cutting them apart, punch a hole in the top of each one and attach a store-bought tassel. Mail them to your guests in a glassine envelope. No one will turn a page on this reminder!
  • Souvenir Postcards – Postcards can be both a fun and cost-effective way to give your guests a sneak-peek at the wedding site. Visit a souvenir shop along the boardwalk, or consider springing for a selection of retro postcards from eBay. You also might want to consider creating your own postcard with a photo and a story about your engagement. (Everyone loves to see the photo that was taken moments after the proposal!) You may want to make the postcard round or square so it stands out from the usual junk mail.
  • Favor the invitation – Consider sending a gift that represents the location of your wedding. If you are getting married on the beach in Mexico, you might want to mail a mini set of maracas, along with a personalized bottle of sunscreen (order labels for the bottles with your names, date and the location). Or, you might consider this personalized hot chocolate mix for your wedding in the Rocky Mountains.

  • Personal Baggage – Personalized luggage tags are a great way to get your guests packing for your destination wedding!
Thank you to Beau-Coup for the ideas!

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What to Wear Wednesday (W2WW) - Mother of the bride attire

Welcome to another W2WW (What to Wear Wednesday) blog.
Today's blog is for all the mother's of the bride's.

These days, Moms are hipper and younger than ever.
Don't dress the mother of the bride in a shapeless matronly pastel doozy.
There are many options that will be figure flattering
and chic while still looking age-appropriate.

This Adrianna Papell outfit's bolero jacket and twisted bodice
detailing help flatter a mom's figure, making her waist look small.
Take the jacket off while dancing to show off your shoulders.
This champagne color is perfect for a mother of the bride.
But if you'd rather mom wear a stronger color,
the outfit also comes in sterling grey!

You can find the featured dress at Nordstorm

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Candy Buffets that are affordable

One of the things a lot of our brides plan to have at their reception is a Candy Buffet – but the cost of all that candy and containers can definitely add up quickly! A candy buffet can be beautiful – but when bride’s try to make a buffet work on a budget, sometimes it just ends up looking a little sad. Here are some of our ideas to help you create a budget-friendly candy buffet that is as beautiful as these.

1. Find Affordable Containers – Renting containers is a great option! Your Perfect Day has candy buffet containers & you can rent a whole table's worth for about $25.

2. Use other fillers – You can use less candy as long as you add some other things to the table:

- Table runners adding a table runner or two adds a lot more interest, looks lovely and does not have to cost a fortune. Your Perfect Day rents out table runners.

- Flowers and Flower Petals – You can get great deals on silk rose petals at Micheal's or Hobby Lobby and sprinkle them in between the containers. You can also use silk flowers placed randomly among the jars or use bouquets of flowers in jars and vases.

- Pictures – One great idea I came across was to place framed pictures of other weddings (your parents, grandparents, etc) or your engagement pictures among the containers. It also adds a personal touch. Frames could also be added with a menu of the items available, a title (Jake & Jill’s Sweet Shop, etc), a thank you note, a special poem or song, etc.

- Candles – of course, placed in such a way that people can reach the candy without burning themselves or knocking them over.

3. Add extras – Instead of just candy, have other things on the buffet as well. Some common choices include

- The wedding cake

- a chocolate fountain

- a punch bowl or fountain

- cookies, squares, and other dessert items

- fortune cookies

- favor boxes

- fruit

- guest book

4. Affordable Candy – the candy is of course, the most expensive aspect of the candy buffet but there are ways to control that cost as well. Here are a few tips:

- Don’t go overboard. If you are using my ideas in section 2 and 3 – your candy buffet does not have to include TONS of candy to look full and elegant. You reasonably need to have enough candy for a small bag full per guest.

- Size Matters – Stick to small and medium size containers. Then, place the containers on different levels by places different boxes or books under the table cloth to create risers for some of the containers to sit on. This makes containers easier to reach, and makes the table look fuller.

- Buy in bulk – Once you know what types of candy you want, check out different bulk candy suppliers and compare prices. Here are a few great places:

Candy Direct

Candy Warehouse

Bulk Candy Store

- COLOR makes a difference – in generally, a candy buffet in coordinated colors looks much more elegant then one that features a hodge podge of random selections. Many bulk suppliers will let you purchase bulk orders of things like jelly beans – all in one color.

For more wedding ideas, contact Your Perfect Day!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What to Wear Wednesday (W2WW) - Rehersal Dinner

It seems that for many brides, their rehearsal dinner outfit is almost an afterthought in wedding planing. After making so many choices, it may be hard to confront yet another one, especially since there are countless options in selecting rehearsal dinner attire. And unlike a wedding gown, which despite the style you've chosen is still a wedding gown, a rehearsal dress is more likely to express you and your own personal style. So there's a lot at stake But don't bite those nails that you've been taking such good care of before your wedding. We have a cure for those rehearsal dinner dress blues. After all, you will be a star of your rehearsal dinner just like at your wedding itself. And you want to shine.

BBQ or Ball:

The first thing to keep in mind when looking for your rehearsal dinner outfit is what type of rehearsal dinner you will be having. Will it be a casual BBQ or an elegant soiree at a country club? A dinner in someone's home or at a tony restaurant? Will you be inviting just the wedding party for an intimate gathering or them plus all of your out-of-town guests? These are the questions that Susan Stein, a personal shopper at Bloomingdale's in Los Angeles, asks brides who come to her for a rehearsal dinner dress rescue. "When I find out what type of party they're having, it sets the tone for what they should wear," she explains. Cocktail attire for the country club, perhaps capri pants for the BBQ. After that is settled, Stein sets out to help the bride achieve what she says is the No. 1 rule in rehearsal dress attire: "She must look better, more wonderful and more special than everyone else at the rehearsal dinner."

The Bride with Two Faces:

Look for an outfit that expresses you in a diff erent way than your wedding dress does. If your wedding dress is traditional, look for a more sophisticated, contemporary rehearsal dinner dress. If your wedding dress is long-sleeved with a high neckline, look for a rehearsal dinner dress that's more revealing. "I call it the 'other side of the bride,' " Stein says.

Tres Trendy:

Don't be afraid to select a hot new look your rehearsal dinner. But beware of being too trendy, or you'll laugh at the pictures years later. What's hot now?:
  • the strapless sheath and the little sweater that's paired with just about everything
  • a simple shift dress with a sweater around the shoulders
  • a long, soft skirt topped with a soft sweater or twinset
  • a silk taffeta long skirt paired with a short sweater
  • a tank style dress
Lengths can run the gamut from very short to very long, so look for what is most flattering to your shape. As for shoes, anything open-toed and strappy is in for summer and early fall. But if you go for that look, stay away from hose, unless they are extremely sheer, nude hose. And don't forget t o get a pedicure.

Color Me Mine:

It's a great time for color in rehearsal dinner dress-wear. If you're bold enough, steer clear of the ubiquitous little black dress. Try the pastels, an array of greens from sage to lime, and the many shades of pink that are hot right now. If you go with a light color, be careful with sauces and red wine at your rehearsal dinner. If you're not into color, gray is a good neutral. "Anything but black," says Stein, especially if you want to stand out among your gu ests. "It's too safe." But if you are most comfortable choosing black, you can still shine with the right accessories to pull your look together. You should probably avoid anything close to what you're wearing the next day -- white, off-white or ivory. Unless that's the look you feel best in. "If someone loves themselves in a white suit or a shift, go for it," Stein recommends.

Accessorize, Accessorize:

There's more to accessorizing than fastening a strand of pearls around your neck. Sparkle is in, and if you don't have diamonds you can buy some great fakes. Illusion jewelry is also in, as is ethnically-inspired jewelry. If you can, borrow something really special from Mom. When selecting a handbag, think small with little handles if you want a look that's now. Makeup is also important on your rehearsal dinner evening, and it's a good chance to have a trial-run before your wedding.

Comfort First:

Make sure that your rehearsal dinner dress fits comfortably and tastefully. If you choose a low-cut dress, be sure it's not too low. Allow time for alterations, if necessary, and make sure you have the proper lingerie for the style. The rehearsal dinner is a relaxed, fun introduction to your wedding. You want to be relaxed and comfortable, too.

Love it or Leave it:

Make sure that you're absolutely ga-ga over your rehearsal dinner outfit. Says personal shopper Stein: "If someone feels great in what they're wearing their whole body language changes. They stand up straighter. They smile." And your rehearsal is an evening sure to be filled with joy.

Thank you to the Wedding Channel for the advice!

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cupcake ideas

Cupcakes are becoming a big thing this year at weddings.
The cupcake has become the "new' wedding cake.

There are many different things you can do with cupcakes:

At your bridal shower, place these bite-size cupcake pops
on lollipop sticks for a centerpiece that’s a decoration
and a dessert.
Novice bakers take note—the petite treats are
surprisingly easy to make.
Visit for recipes and tips.

While intricately designed cakes to display your
man’s favorite hobby are a great way to salute him
on your wedding day, these pool-inspired cupcakes
are adorable and much more economical than
a large groom’s cake.
Each treat is covered with rolled fondant and racked in a
chocolate fondant triangle.
A sugar-paste chalk and scorecard complete the set.
Billiard cupcakes, Pink Cake Box, $150 per set,

A tasty bouquet encourages guests to do more than stop
and smell the roses. Frosted with strawberry icing
and placed in a planting pot, the chocolate cupcakes in this
edible centerpiece are ripe for the picking.
Cupcake bouquet, Couture Cupcakes,
$55, serves 9-11,

Easily dress up your dessert display with cupcake wrappers
in a variety of designs. From palm trees to romantic hearts,
baking supply store Fancy Flours has got you covered for
everything you need to spruce up your mini confections.
Cupcake wrappers, Fancy Flours,
$12–$14 for package of 10,

Set one of these oversize cupcakes on each of your
guests’ tables for an adorable homemade treat you
can make in a variety of colors and designs.
Giant cupcake cake pan, Wilton, $30,

You can have fun with your cupcakes and eat them too!

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