Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Trash The Dress - Cleveland, Toledo, Myrtle Beach

Since starting my wedding planning business,

I have been lucky to be a model for 4 of my favorite photographers

Trash-The-Dress (TTD) photo shoots.

My first shoot was with April from April Renee Photography.

What an amazing person & talented photog!

My husband & I went out to the Cleveland area for this shoot.

The day was a warm and sunny day!

I met April through a local social networking site and we became instant friends.

Here are some of the amazing photos from that shoot:

My 2nd shoot was with Steve at Revelation Images.

I have know Steve for about 10 years now.

When I heard that Steve was starting a photog business, I knew he would be successful.

He is such a nice guy & is hard-working.

We did this shoot at a few different places:

Fort Megis, Levis Commons & then down at the Maumee River.

Here are some of my favorites from that day:

My 3rd shoot was at my wedding with Lisa from Mud Pie Photo.

We did this shoot 2 days after our wedding.

We were at Myrtle Beach, SC.

The day was perfect for me & my new husband to play in the ocean.

Here's some of Lisa's shots:

My 4th shoot just 2 days ago with Dallas at Dallas Galbreath Photography.

I have never met Dallas before this shoot.

Dallas is a wonderful woman and believes in natural photos.

I was a model for one of her workshops & hope to do more with her.

She has posted a teaser shoot on her blog.

Once she posts more, I will let ya'll know.

I love working with local photog's for these TTD shoots.

If any of you are looking for a model, please let me know.

I love doing these & it gives me a chance to see how the photog's work.

Your Perfect Day......because you deserve it!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What to Wear Wednesday (W2WW)

Welcome to our 1st edition of
"What to Wear Wednesday" or "W2WW"

Every Wednesday, we are going to give tips
on what is the proper attire (for men & women)
for events such as weddings, receptions, bridal showers,
corporate events, baby showers, graduation and other events.

Today's W2WW features:

What to Wear to a
Summer Garden Wedding for Women

Summer weddings in the garden are generally
lovely evenings. You'll want to be just as
pretty as the flowers that surround you.

There aren't general rules for dressing for a
garden wedding, other than that is should strike the
right note between elegant and not too casual.
Garden weddings are usually dressy affairs,
but ones for which sequined and beaded dresses are simply too much.

Slip into this chic sheath dress whose vibrant green color
will look right at home at a garden summer wedding.
Notice how the laser cut layers are thinner at the
waist than at the bottom,
helping to accentuate (or create!) an hourglass figure.

Stay tuned for next week's W2WW!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unique Centerpieces

Are you looking for
an alternative way to create
a beautiful centerpiece without using flowers?

Check out some of the unique ideas

we have created for some of our brides!

These classic round pillar candles
will create the romantic atmosphere
that you have been looking for.
These neutral candles will fit into any color scheme
or any color candle can be used.

Turn your wine bottle into a centerpiece!
The unique design takes your table d├ęcor
to dramatic heights and can also be accented with a bit of greenery.

A diamond solitaire has long been the
striking symbol of love and marriage.
Bring that same sophistication and elegance

to your reception tables with these

diamond-shaped candle holders.

Fruit can make a gorgeous centerpiece.
With the variety of colors of fruit,
can easily find one that fits your color scheme.
Grab a vase, put some fruit in it
you have your perfect centerpiece.

For more unique ideas, check out

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ceiling Decor

Did you know that Your Perfect Day
rents out ceiling decor for your wedding or reception?

We have a variety of styles that we can do to
help enhance the look of your wedding day!

Till June 1st, get 15% off your ceiling decor
(prices start at just $255 and that includes set-up & tear-down)

Contact us today to reserve your wedding day!

Your Perfect Day.....because you deserve it!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Honoring the deceased at your wedding

When a parent or other close relative has passed away recently, it's important to find an appropriate way to remember them without ruining the joyous tone of the wedding. After all, a wedding is a celebration, and while a missing parent/relative is certainly sad, it shouldn't overpower the wedding day. Some ways to remember a parent/relative:
  1. Set up a special small table at the wedding reception with a flower arrangement and a card saying “In memory of those loved ones who are not with us today” or more specifically, “In memory of Martina Jensen, mother of the bride.” You could also put a picture of the bride or groom with the deceased person you are honoring.
  1. At the wedding reception, display wedding pictures of family members, or pictures of loved ones with the bride/groom. This is a more subtle way of including the dead in your day.

  2. Wear a piece of jewelry or article of clothing. (For example your mother’s wedding dress, your father’s cuff links, or your grandfather’s signet ring).

  3. Carry the same flowers that your mother had in her bouquet.

  4. At the end of the wedding program, it is appropriate to add a memoriam line. For example, you might write “Today we honor those who could not be with us, especially the bride’s stepmother Alison Janet Brooks.”

  5. If the person who is conducting the ceremony is someone who knew the deceased relative, it might be appropriate for him/her to say something during the ceremony - particularly if they are saying a homily or other sermon-like speech. They might say "Today, we have come together to celebrate the love of these two people and the life they are building together. As many of you know, the groom's father recently passed away. And in times like these, it can be more important than ever to honor love and family. I know (groom's father) was so happy to see (groom) find the love he has with (bride). Although it would be easy for his recent death to make this a sad occasion, (Groom's father) would want to see you all so happy today,celebrating and full of joy. So today, let's remember how precious life is, and be thankful that (bride and groom) are creating a new family together." readers had some great ideas about how to honor a dead parent. Here are some of their ideas:

    Barbara says "My father died about 8 months before my wedding, so he couldn’t walk me up the aisle. I walked up alone, and carried one of his silk handkerchiefs - boy did I need it!"

    Max suggested the bride dance with her mother for the father-daughter dance, to her late-father's favorite song.

    Joan says "My older brother will stand in for my dad who died 2 years ago.We will play a special song by Heartland “I loved her first” I am getting married Dec. 23, 06 to my best friend."

    Robin suggests leaving empty chairs for favorite deceased relatives at the wedding ceremony.

    Melissa had lots of great suggestions: 1)placing photo charms of loved ones in the bride's bouquet. 2)lighting candles during the wedding ceremony for each of the deceased relatives. 3)a son standing in for his grandfather in walking the bride down the aisle and during the traditional father-daughter dance.

    At her wedding, Ria set a table with a photograph of her deceased parents, a button holer, a corsage and two candles. The following day she placed her head table's floral arrangement on their graves, along with a wedding photo.

    Shelby plans to honor her beloved grandfather by displaying his WWII flag at her wedding.

    Cyndy plans to incorporate her father's wedding ring into her bouquet.

    Kristin will honor her father, who coached her soccer team, by wearing shinguards under her wedding dress!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chair cover special

Did you know that Your Perfect Day rents out chair covers?

Chair covers can add a touch of elegance
to any ceremony or reception site!

Contact us today to take advantage of our summer special pricing!

$2.25 for the chair cover, any color sash, set-up & tear down!

Pick from any of these sash colors!
White or black chair covers!
Hurry before your 2010 or 2011 wedding date is taken!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Italian inspired wedding

After spending 2 weeks in Italy,
Your Perfect Day has been inspired to create
the perfect Italian wedding
even if you can't get to Italy to do it.

An outdoor ceremony by an old historic building
or at a local winery will help
to give the wedding an Italian feel.

The bride can wear a lace gown in honor of Florence,
who is known for their lace.

Flowers are to be kept simple & elegant.

The reception site should be an old square or winery.

Table numbers or name cards can be paired with wine corks.

Table decor can be elegant flowers
that are set up in a unique way.

Olive oil bottles are the best favor for your guests
to take home a famous Italian flavor.

Want a themed wedding?
Contact us today & we'll help make
your dream wedding come to life!