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Let them eat cake.....or just dessert!

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Dessert isn’t just about the wedding cake anymore. The newest trend in weddings is the Dessert Bar. Many brides are opting for dessert bars comprised of various mini-desserts for guests to choose from. Wedding cakes can be extremely expensive, and many people don’t even like the taste of wedding cake. Having a dessert bar with different choices, and individual sized deserts can be a more cost effective way to serve your guests.

When selecting items for your desert bar you can choose:
1. A theme that matches your wedding: Parisian theme – choose colorful macaroons, creme brulee, pastries and assorted cheeses.
2. Desserts with your wedding colors: chocolate cupcakes with pink icing, black and white iced cookies, strawberry cake pops, etc.
3. A variety of desserts to please everyone: something chocolate, something light like sorbet, cheesecakes, etc.

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You can serve these desserts buffet style by having a table set up with all the desserts on them (as did Amy Atlas in the photo above), or serve them family style with a plate of various desserts delivered to each table. Be sure when ordering desserts to order enough. Remember that guests will have a tendency to choose more than one dessert to sample, and you don’t want to run out before everyone is fed.

But what about the cake cutting? If you still want the look of a traditional wedding cake, speak with your baker about creating a small top and a larger bottom tier of real wedding cake, and then decorating several faux layers to go under it. This will give the appearance of a real wedding cake, and allow you and your groom to “cut the cake”. If you still want to give your guests the option of having some wedding cake, have your baker bake a plain sheet cake, with no special detailing. This can be cut and plated by servers in the back and then brought out to your guests. No one will be the wiser!

Thank you to WeddingWire for this great article!

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Favor centerpieces | Toledo Wedding Planner | Your Perfect Day | Perrysburg Wedding Planner

Centerpieces show the uniqueness of the couple. But centerpieces can be expensive, especially since you need one for every table. Favors can also be costly since you need one for every person that attends your reception.
So, why not combine the two and save some money?
Here are a few ideas on how to make your favor your centerpiece!

Garden to Go

A cluster of potted zinnias adds charm to the table at a country or casual wedding. A sign next to the display asks guests to "Please pick one." The pots are painted with acrylic paint to match the flowers. The theme that inspires the favor continues at each place setting: Seeds packaged in glassine bags are attached to each of the tented place cards with yellow twine that is inserted through two small punched holes, then tied in a bow. Directions for planting are printed inside the cards.

Fancy Candy

Humble supplies can take on an elegant air: Monogrammed stickers and crepe paper decorate clear plastic tubes filled with champagne-bubble candies. They're then piled into a glass compote around a smaller compote of crepe-paper flowers.

Potted Orchids

As a centerpiece for the party and favors for the guests (perhaps at a shower), orchids are presented in terra-cotta pots painted white and arranged on a saucer; a butterfly-shaped tag on a thin wire holder hovers over each plant.

Stacked Favor Centerpiece

This display is a centerpiece, a stack of party favors, and a table-number indicator all in one. Fill small cardboard boxes with cookies or candies, wrap them with bands of paper and slender ribbon, and stack them on a silver compote in the shape of a pyramid. Attach a table number to the topmost box.

Herb Centerpieces

Scented geraniums, herbs, and other foliage nestle in terra-cotta pots at the reception; the bride and her family hand-painted the pots and grew the plants, and invited their guests to take home their favorite as a favor.

Tea Tin Centerpiece

With their beautiful ornamentation and lettering, biscuit and tea tins bring old-fashioned charm to a reception table. New or vintage, the containers are inexpensive and easy to find at specialty-food stores, tag sales, and online auctions. Test tins to make sure they're watertight before filling with single-flower arrangements. If any do leak, use plastic bags as liners.

Fruit Baskets

Baskets brimming with fruit imbue a reception with rustic charm. We filled Nantucket baskets in various sizes with warm-toned fruits: pears, apricots, and two kinds of apples. Small baskets laden with blond cherries are arranged at place settings for guests to take home; tiny bows are a graceful touch.

Thank you to Martha Stewart for these great ideas!

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Did you know that Your Perfect Day plans all types of events? We help to plan birthday parties, anniversary parties, retirement parties, graduation parties and any other type of event!

In this blog, we want to give you some tips to help you plan your next anniversary party!


- Holiday Inn French Quarter: Great food & great service. They have multiple rooms that can accommodate 20 people or 200 people.

- Snook's Dream Cars: Love classic cars? You must check out this place. This place can accommodate up to 150 people.

- Strawberry Acres: Want to bring in your own food & beverages? This place is perfect for anyone who is a DIY person!

- Madison View Inn: Looking for a historic place? This Inn has 3 rooms to chose from....all with a different look!

- Metroparks: Want something outdoors? Check out the multiple locations of indoor & outdoor park areas around Toledo.

Table Decorations
• A simple, yet appropriate centerpiece for any celebration consists of fresh or silk flowers surrounding large numbers representing the year the couple is celebrating.

• Fill crystal bowls or vases with brightly colored glass ornaments (silver for 25th, gold for 50th) and place them on the table in a bed of metallic shred.

• Personalize your table decorations to your guests of honor. For example, one table could display the bride’s cheerleading poms from when they met and another table could show the groom’s baseball glove from his college years.

• For the buffet table, nothing displays more elegance than an ice sculpture. Have a giant 25 carved out of ice if the couple is celebrating 25 years together. An ice sculpture in the shape of a vase can be beautiful when filled with flowers similar to the bride’s bouquet from years ago.

• Create fun and unusual placemats from old photos. Visit a local print shop that can enlarge color photos or black and white photos. Enlarge them on the copier and have them laminated. Place a different picture at each guest’s place for a lifelong collage! Another idea is to use old love letters, newspaper articles, and have them laminated. Whatever you use, these placemats will make a great conversation piece!

• Add elegance to your affair by creating placecards for your tables. If the group is small and well connected, make copies of old photos of each guest with the honored guests. Adhere them to a heavy cardboard “tent”. Let each guest find their seat by locating the old photo of themselves.

Anniversary Games

How well do you know the couple? In advance prepare a list of 10 - 20 facts about the anniversary couple. On the day hand out sheets with your questions, everybody fills in what they think is the answer. Someone reads out the correct answers. The person/s with the most correct answers wins.

Trivia Game - from year couple was married. Similar to the "How well do you know the couple?" but instead of facts about the couple, find out general knowledge questions that happened the year the anniversary couple was married. Make into a list. hand out question sheets, and the person with the most correct answers wins.

Musical Chairs - thought of as a child's game, but great fun to play if you have an energetic bunch of guests! Also means that any children present can get involved. You could have an adult game and a child's game.

Dancing Comepetition - All the guests pair up for a dance-off. Someone will be selected as judge before dancing begins. Choose categories for the judge before hand. For example - you could have winners for best dancers, craziest dancers or/and most outrageous dancers.

Wedding Photo Match - get all the married guests to bring a copy of their wedding photo along to the party. All are displayed and numbered. Throughout the party guest try to match the photos to the other guests. Winner person with the most correct matches. This works best with later wedding anniversaries eg 40th or 50th.

Find Your Partner - blindfold all the guests and send them off to find their husband or wife. The first couple to find each other wins. Did I mention that their is no talking allowed?

9. Anniversary Gift List - Give everyone a sheet of paper with the years 1-15, 20, 25,30,35,40,45,55,60,70 and 75 on it. All the guest needs to do is write what they think each anniversary years symbol is. The winner is the person who gets the most correct answers!

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Unique Centerpieces | Your Perfect Day | Toledo Wedding Planner | Perrysburg Wedding Planner

21 Unique Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

I love it when I see brides get creative with their wedding centerpieces. The right table decor seamlessly ties together the sincerity of the ceremony with the celebration atmosphere of the reception. Handmade is definitely in while bland, boring flower vase designs are definitely out. Steer away from the standard decor options (mirrors, floating candles, feathers) and opt to share a little bit of your personality with each and every table.

Remember, some wedding centerpieces compliment a wedding theme while others are specifically meant to be a main, bold focal point of the day. Knowing the difference is the key.

Enjoy the lovelies below and I'd love to know which is your favorite!

unique wedding centerpieces 2
Pinwheel Wedding

unique wedding centerpieces 6
Burlap + Mason Jar

unique wedding centerpieces 8
Twig + Branches

unique wedding centerpieces 5
Origami Centerpiece

unique wedding centerpieces 23
Apothecary Centerpiece

unique wedding centerpieces 24
Fresh Herb Centerpieces

unique wedding centerpieces 18
Cupcake Centerpiece

unique wedding centerpieces 22
Lemon + Cage

unique wedding centerpieces 16
Yellow Poms

unique wedding centerpieces 15
Baby's Breath

unique wedding centerpieces 14
Fabric Flowers

unique wedding centerpieces 13
Upside-Down Wine Glasses

unique wedding centerpieces 12
Manzanita Branches

unique wedding centerpieces 11
Suspended Wedding Centerpieces

unique wedding centerpieces 10
Tapioca Wood + Moss

unique wedding centerpieces 9
Upside-Down Flower Goblets

unique wedding centerpieces 7
Succulent Centerpiece

unique wedding centerpieces 4
Margarita Glass Centerpiece

unique wedding centerpieces 25
Straw + Wheat

unique wedding centerpieces 3
Rustic Vintage

unique wedding centerpieces 1
Pale Vintage

Thank you to Austin Wedding for these great ideas!

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