Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bride loses reception hall 3 days before her wedding | Toledo Wedding Planner

Some of you may have heard about the bride that lost her reception hall 3 days before her wedding. It was on 92.5 KISS FM this morning.

You can find the podcast at

It is called "Lying Pastor Double Books Wedding"

Well, this bride is one of our brides. Holly had hired us for her "day of" services. We have been in contact with Holly since she booked us back in February and all of her plans have been going great. Until she got that call yesterday about her losing the hall to another bride. Holly called us right after she got the news. We were SHOCKED! We put all of our other work on hold and made phone calls to every hall that was within 45 miles of Marblehead, OH. Our list of phone calls was 50+ halls and not a one was able to accommodate Holly & her wedding reception.

We will keep everyone updated.......hopefully the next time we blog about it, we will have good news & maybe even some pictures from her wedding day.

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  1. That is completely crazy. Did the hall not keep a calendar or what? If they did they would of seen they already booked someone for that day. Please keep me informed on if you find a new hall

  2. The true story has not been released by the hall. I was only informed that the "other" bride had canceled her wedding and then she calls the hall 3 days before to see what time she can get in to set up.

    We did get lucky and found a hall 10 minutes away. Even though this hall had NO air conditioning (on a 85 degree day), NO ice machine and NO water, everything worked out perfectly!