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Outdoor Ceremony Style | Toledo Wedding Planner | Perrysburg Wedding Planner

It's easy to create a focal point in an outdoor setting, as long as you keep the feel of your location in mind and work with, not against, your surroundings. Here are some of our favorite setups.

In Any Space

Consider using existing structures to create a focal point, and position yourselves in the center for a picture-perfect vow exchange. An aisle runner would appear out-of-place in such a lush setting; instead, this couple let the symmetry of the stone building, and classic white chairs, define the space. A simple garland is all the decoration needed to spruce up the face of the cottage and complete the look.

In a Dramatic Setting

For a ceremony set against an over-the-top backdrop, keep your décor simple. Trying to outdo your surroundings will only distract the eye. Here, floral arrangements are kept to a minimum—two large silver urns, filled with a modern arrangement of hydrangea, roses, and banana and tropical ti leaves.

In Your Backyard

Curtains hung on the back porch lend a touch of drama and enhance the ceremony space. The daffodils lining the aisle add to the homey feel, and coordinate with the yellow rose petal strewn aisle.

On the Beach

A simple white canopy, upheld by weathered lengths of wood, complements the beach setting. The couple's chairs—covered in crimson fabric—draw guests' eyes to the ceremony, not the expansive shoreline and horizon.

In a Garden

Choose floral arrangements that complement the surrounding landscape. Garlands of pink and white peonies lend a natural feel to the gazebo, and the clusters of white hydrangea lining the aisle echo the softness of the nearby greenery.

By a Lake

While standing under a large tree might seem like the obvious choice, this couple has allowed two neighboring trees to define the ceremony space and create a natural frame. With little décor to compete with the view, guests can fully appreciate the beauty of the setting.

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