Monday, October 18, 2010

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They're warm, welcoming, unpretentious—no wonder backyard weddings are so popular. But as many of us are lacking a viable outdoor space, it's reassuring that a wedding with a "backyard feel" can be created just about anywhere, providing you include these key style elements.

Comfort food

Stick to simply prepared foods that your guests will enjoy, like roast chicken and mac 'n' cheese. For dessert, treats like cherry pie or cupcakes hit the spot.

Comfortable guests

An atmosphere of hospitality—that is, one in which guests' needs are anticipated and fulfilled—is the most essential ingredient of a wedding with a backyard feel. This event is people-friendly, so devise ways for invitees to get closer.

Intimate tables

Serve the meal family style at long tables and keep the simple, natural centerpieces low, loose, and unstructured.

Exuberant stationery
Set the tone with bright colors, whimsical motifs, cheerful fonts, and nontraditional (but gracious) wording.

Toned-down attire

Obviously, you'll skip the beaded ballgown and heavy satin—they'd feel overly fancy and out of place at a homespun event. Most other dresses are fair game and can be tweaked with the right accessories to make them feel effortless and casual. Patterned dresses are a great option for bridesmaids, or have them choose their own dresses in a single color family, or from a range hues. (And no whining if the shades of blue don't match—a "backyard feel" is about individuality.)

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