Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Purple Wedding Ideas | Perrysburg Wedding Planner | Toledo Wedding Planner

After having such an amazing 2010 (and thank you to all our clients), we were inspired to be more vocal about all of our ideas and the knowledge we have about wedding planning and decorating. We want to be the first thing people think about when they get engaged (well, after they say YES).

The way we can do this is to blog more about our ideas, past weddings we created, advice, trends, vendor recommendations, etc. So, to start off the new year, we are going to share with you some of the ideas we shared with our clients for their wedding for this coming weekend!

Jen & Rob are having a very fun-filled wedding with purple being the main color throughout their wedding and reception. Purple is a color that not a lot of couples choose in their wedding because it is a color that is not thought of often. We at Your Perfect Day LOVE the color purple because of the different shades and it can go with just about any other color.

If you plan to have purple incorporated into your wedding day, check out some of these ideas:

Use purple table cloths to WOW your guests when they walk into your venue!

This table setting shows how you can use a variety of shades of purple and make it look gorgeous!

Show a hint of purple on the escort cards to get away from the ordinary white cards!

Purple flowers are a great way to enhance your white or cream wedding dress!

Add a purple ribbon to your white lanterns to show some uniqueness!

Everyone will be eager to open a purple invitation!

Add some purple to your hair piece to give the simple veil a splash of color!

Have your maid of honor where different shade of purple to stand out better!

Purple hydrengas are not only a beautiful flower, they are inexpensive too!

Make your "featured" drink have a purple tint!

Adding a simple purple ribbon to a white wedding cake with make it look elegant!

Your groom can even wear purple....whether it is his tie, his boutonniere or his purple keds!

Purple shoes make fun pictures!

Your Perfect Day....because you deserve it!


  1. Where did these shoes come from? I've been looking online for hours because I'm dying to have those EXACT shoes on in my wedding!

  2. I agree! I love those shoes! Where did they come from?!?!?!