Monday, September 5, 2011

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One of the most fundamental facts of wedding and event planning is that people need to be told what to do - especially guests! Escort cards (the ones that tell guests which table they are sitting at) are an essential tool to herd the masses. But individual cards can be expensive once you tally the cost of stationery, design, and calligraphy - not to mention the escort card table display and cloth.

An alternative? Wedding reception seating charts. These are large poster-sized prints that have all guest names coordinated with table numbers in one, easy location. No need for an extra escort table; a wall or easel will do fine.

As charts become more popular, talented designers are taking them to the next aesthetic level. Here are a few of our favorites!

(Colorful seating chart and details by Steve Juliano via Behance)

(Seats for Two seating chart by Mem's Design Shop)

This one was actually created by the bride and groom; conveniently (and clearly) they are talented graphic designers!

(Love birds seating chart by Inkledoo)

Pretty cool, right? The best part is that these frame-worthy documents make for a lovely wedding memento for the couple; both a reminder of the day and an elegant archival record of the attendees.

Thank you to Sheffield for this great article!

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