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10 Beauty Rules Every Bride Should Know | Perrysburg/ToledoWedding Planner

Here are 10 easy ways to look your best on your wedding!

1. I Will Not Over-Accessorize

Instead of piling it on, choose one memorable piece (heirloom earrings, a rocking birdcage veil) and work simple accessories around it for a balanced look. Your veil, bouquet, and even your gown's embellishment count as accessories!

2. I Will Play Up My Best Feature.

You know your best feature. Maximize it! Accentuate radiant skin with a light-reflecting lotion; open up gorgeous eyes with a few loose false lashes instead of a whole set; or find the perfect lip stain to enhance your smile.

Knot Note: Even if you never ever wear makeup, consider your wedding day the exception. A bit of mascara, blush, and lip gloss goes a long way in making your features stand out in wedding photos.

3. I Will Find a Veil That Works With the Shape of My Face.

Figuring out the right veil and hairstyle combo can be tricky. Here's the bottom line: With hair and veils, width adds width and length adds length. If your face is round, pick a narrow veil or hairstyle; if your face is long, choose one with more volume.

4. I Won't Limit Myself to a Strapless Dress.

Strapless is by far the most popular neckline but pardon us for sounding snarky: There's nothing worse than watching a bride on her wedding day constantly tug and pull on her dress because the neckline doesn't fit her right. If you have a full bust, consider an off-the-shoulder or sweetheart style; if you're not well-endowed, opt for a V or Sabrina neckline.

5. I Will Wear Metals that Match.

This one is a little technical yet important: The accessories you choose to wear should depend on your wedding dress hue. If you're wearing a bright white dress, stay away from gold (which could clash) and stick to pearl and platinum. For a diamond white dress (slightly off-white), gold and silver works; and an ivory wedding dress calls for gold and warmer metals. The exception: Don't ditch your engagement ring if it doesn't match.

6. I Won't Hold My Bouquet Like a Trophy.

How to hold the bouquet is one of those little minor details that no one ever talks about. Your bouquet should complement your look, not overtake it. So to avoid the stiffly held bouquet look as you walk down the aisle, simply grasp the stems with both hands, hold your thumbs against your navel, and relax your arms.

7. I Won't Slouch At the Ceremony Altar.

Not to make you nervous, but all eyes will be on you during the ceremony. So at the risk of sounding like a mom, pull those shoulders back and stand up straight. It's the difference between a beautiful confident bride and one who looks uncomfortable.

8. I Will Dance Confidently

Speaking of all eyes on you, your first dance is another spotlight moment to be aware of. Even if you don't have a complicated, choreographed number planned for the first dance (and more of the bear hug swing dance thing), make a conscious effort to stand up tall with your new spouse.

9. I Will Not Crash Diet.

Sure, you're likely to shed a couple of pounds in the weeks before the wedding due to a packed schedule and jitters but consider that a bonus. Don't strive to lose any more than that at the last minute. Crash dieting will make you exhausted, and no number on the scale will compensate if you're too weak to handle the demands and savor the excitement of your wedding day.

10. I Will Rock My Smile.

This will most likely be impossible not to do -- but we had to put it in here because, honestly, there's no easier way to look more beautiful. A natural smile starts with your eyes (very few people can voluntarily move the muscles around their eyes while smiling) and involves your whole face (jaw, cheek, forehead, and mouth of course).

Thank you to The Knot for these great tips!

Your Perfect Day...because you deserve it!

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