Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Unique Reception Ideas | Toledo/Perrysburg Wedding Planner

Here are some unique reception ideas
that will help separate yours from all the others!

Crepe Flower Escort Cards

Okay, we're using the "flower" term loosely here,
but we love the way these crepe flowers make
for a colorful escort card display --
especially when set on top of a fresh bed of green grass.

Hydrangea Escort Card Display

A layer of fresh hydrangeas set into a stressed, vintage wooden container creates an elegant look with a twist of shabby-chic.

Wheat Stalk Escort Displays

For a fall wedding, these tall stalks of wheat make quite the display. Even better, they can work double-duty at the ceremony.

Added Props

Don't be shy about adding in fun props to the table, especially if it works with your reception venue and theme, like this nautical-themed wedding in Virginia Beach.

Yarn Flowers

We're not suggesting you cover your reception in
yarn -- but these bright red yarn-made flowers were a great way to spruce up the cocktail hour space at Kim and Zak’s wedding in Dallas, Texas.

A Mix of Votives

Who said votives have to look uniform? We like the way this couple from Oceanside, California mixed it up for a fun eclectic look.

Patterned Tablecloths

Patterned tablecloths are a great way to transform a not-so-typical reception space. One decor trick to keep in mind: Stick with simple flowers so that they complement (and don't clash with!) the room.

Flower-Accented Antique Furniture

Using old furniture pieces (like shuttered windows, antique dressers, and coffee tables) is hugely popular as wedding reception decor -- and we love the way this display of white glass window shutters, trimmed with a little greenery, pulls off the trend.

Thank you to The Knot for the tips!

Your Perfect Day....because you deserve it!

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