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10 Things to NOT Freak Out about on your Wedding Day | Toledo Wedding Planner | Perrysburg Wedding Planning

When it comes to the wedding day, the little things can seem like a big issue -- even when they shouldn't. That's why we've come up with the top 10 things you can stop worrying about right now.

Don't Freak Out About: Messing Up The Vows

Repeat after us: No matter what happens during the ceremony, it will always be memorable for the right reasons. Being overcome with emotion is totally normal during ceremonies, so it's no surprise if you or your groom slip up or miss some of the words -- even if you've rehearsed them before. The key is to not get flustered; if you mess up, take a deep breath and keep going.

Don't Freak Out About: Shaggy Groomsmen

So maybe one of your groomsmen didn't cut his hair -- let it go. Even if you discussed it weeks ahead of time, this is just one of those things that isn't worth stressing over. If it's really bad, ask a bridesmaid to help straighten ties and push any long hair back and out of their faces for the photos.

Don't Freak Out About: Grandma's Attire

Ever heard the saying "age before beauty"? Whether it's your grandmother or grandfather (or even your parents), focus on how great it is to have them there for the wedding -- rather than dwelling on that 80's era attire they just couldn't part with.

Don't Freak Out About: Your Bridesmaids' Hair

Despite what you might think, we have yet to hear of someone looking at a wedding photo and saying, "Oh, the bridesmaid second from the left looks incredible!" The focus of the day will always be on the bride, which is exactly why there's no point in letting someone else's hairstyle ruin the day.

Don't Freak Out About: Not Getting Every Combination of Family Photos

Giving your wedding photographer a priority list of photos is always a great idea to make sure you get the family member combinations that are most important. Still, if time runs low, don't sweat missing that odd photo combination of cousins, aunts, and groomsmen. It's better to get the biggies and move on with the day than to spend your cocktail hour taking posed portraits.

Don't Freak Out About: Left-Behind Favors

No guest ever means to offend the bride or groom by accidentally leaving one on the table, but you're bound to have leftovers. Just ask a friend to gather up the remaining favors. Put them out again at the day-after brunch (if you're having one) for those guests who want another.

Don't Freak Out About: Bridal Party Drama

So the maid of honor just can't get along with another bridesmaid, or maybe one friend has been acting a little bitter ever since your engagement was announced. The day of the wedding is never the right time to bring up issues and it's not something you should have to worry about. Put your mom, another neutral bridesmaid, or your planner on patrol to make sure the day stays drama-free.

Don't Freak Out About: The Wrong Dinner Side Dishes

Did the caterer promise asparagus but deliver green beans instead? Whatever the food issue, it's not worth bringing it up on the night of the wedding. Besides, most guests just want to get through the meal quickly and get on to the most exciting parts of the evening: dessert and dancing.

Don't Freak Out About: Guest No-Shows

Most guests have a pretty good reason for skipping out on a wedding at the last minute, so we suggest giving them the benefit of the doubt. Chances are, by morning, you'll have an email or phone call explaining their absence.

Don't Freak Out About: The Weather

Even if it never rains during your wedding month, accept that it could. Have a pretty umbrella on hand just in case. Then if it rains, embrace it and ask your photographer to get a shot of you kissing in the rain.

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