Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rainy Wedding Day | Toledo Wedding Planner | Perrysburg Wedding Planner

Today's weather has inspired ease those brides that are having an outdoor ceremony! What do you do?

Smile and look around for rainbows!!

Here are a few ideas:
1. Have a backup (moving chairs from outside into a large indoor space)
2. Provide umbrellas or add a note into your invitation for your guests to bring umbrellas
3. Be happy (you can't control the weather so smile and enjoy your day)

See photography tips for the rain below...

As far as photographs on a rainy day, it is actually not as a big of a curse as you might think. The best lighting is a sunny, but cloudy sky. Basically a giant, natural soft box for the photographer. The shadows will not be harsh on a cloudy day, so be encouraged! If it is actually raining, a photographer can get some artistic shots, so go with it. The worst thing to happen is a bride that is so stressed it shows in her face. Relax, trust your photographer and do what they tell you. Enjoy the day and your photos will turn out great!

Hanging out under a tree while it's lightly raining can offer interesting lighting and if a few drops get on the camera it won't hurt anything. Same goes for hanging out under a bridge or on a porch. You can get great lighting without getting soaked and sometimes the best shots come from "making it work".

...gave a bride a vintage umbrella and her twirl out in the rain
...took a photo from the vantage point of her spinning dress with water flying off of it and umbrella in the background
...had a bride and groom huddle under a clear umbrella
...took a photo of them from above while they snuggled
...had the groom help the bride down wet stairs by holding out his hand
...took a tight photo of his hand in the rain reaching to hers that is still dry the bride and groom to puddle jump barefoot
...took photos of the splashes from ground level
...had a bride lie on a park bench and let the rain soak her hair (at the end of the event!)
...actually caught your bride and groom with a rainbow in the background because you decided to get outside!

If all else fails, kick off your heels (since they are sinking in the mud anyway), turn your head up to the clouds and laugh at the rain on your wedding day! You'll probably end up with some great photos and you'll remember the joy of your day instead of the minor mishap!

Thank you to Allen Photo for these great ideas!

Your Perfect Day because you deserve it!

Photos by:
Love My Dress
Beth Ann Designs

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