Monday, April 5, 2010

Italian inspired wedding

After spending 2 weeks in Italy,
Your Perfect Day has been inspired to create
the perfect Italian wedding
even if you can't get to Italy to do it.

An outdoor ceremony by an old historic building
or at a local winery will help
to give the wedding an Italian feel.

The bride can wear a lace gown in honor of Florence,
who is known for their lace.

Flowers are to be kept simple & elegant.

The reception site should be an old square or winery.

Table numbers or name cards can be paired with wine corks.

Table decor can be elegant flowers
that are set up in a unique way.

Olive oil bottles are the best favor for your guests
to take home a famous Italian flavor.

Want a themed wedding?
Contact us today & we'll help make
your dream wedding come to life!

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