Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unique Centerpieces

Are you looking for
an alternative way to create
a beautiful centerpiece without using flowers?

Check out some of the unique ideas

we have created for some of our brides!

These classic round pillar candles
will create the romantic atmosphere
that you have been looking for.
These neutral candles will fit into any color scheme
or any color candle can be used.

Turn your wine bottle into a centerpiece!
The unique design takes your table d├ęcor
to dramatic heights and can also be accented with a bit of greenery.

A diamond solitaire has long been the
striking symbol of love and marriage.
Bring that same sophistication and elegance

to your reception tables with these

diamond-shaped candle holders.

Fruit can make a gorgeous centerpiece.
With the variety of colors of fruit,
can easily find one that fits your color scheme.
Grab a vase, put some fruit in it
you have your perfect centerpiece.

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