Monday, May 17, 2010

Unique escort cards | Perrysburg wedding planner

Looking for a different take on escort cards?

Instead of arranging the classic tent variety on a table,
try one of these display options.

- arranged on a cork or magnetic board or on a old window shutter
- positioned in a tray of dry legumes, such as orange lentils or green peas
- hanging from ribbons that have been tied to a tree branch
- set is a dish of jelly beans or hard candy

- write the names on smooth rocks
- pinned to lemons, limes or tangerines or tiny pumpkins or gourds
- standing in a clear tray of colored sand

- clipped with miniature clothespins to a length of twine or ribbon

- slotted into individual wine corks

Thank you to Brides magazine for the article.

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